Voice of the Patient

Demonstrate Empathy. Safeguard Loyalty.

Today, patients have many options for medical care, which is why making sure they are happy with their experience is critical in maintaining their loyalty. The patient billing process plays a critical role in that overall experience—and therefore should be monitored and evaluated to ensure your patients are receiving a positive result.
Apex offers a quick, easy to use survey that gives the feedback providers need to ensure a pleasant after-care experience. The feedback gained from our survey highlights positive attributes in the patient billing experience, and helps identify issues so action can be taken. 


Patients Who Interact with Apex Report an Unmatched 95% Satisfaction

But we don't just sit around and pat ourselves on the back for that number. We're continuously analyzing the feedback of patients who aren't 100% satisified to understand what we can do to improve their experience. We look at feedback based on payment channel, balance due, demographics and other characteristics to truly help us understand where improvements are needed for specific patient populations. Continuously asking patients for their feedback is an essential step in tailoring the billing experience for all, and inspires ideas for future solution enhancements:
  • Improve the billing process
  • Improve the online experience 
  • Understand patient challenges so action can be taken
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Increase satisfaction and loyalty