Patient Statements + Online Billing

Patient Statements are More Than a List of Charges

Effective communication starts with personalized messaging. At Apex, we help you leverage the power of your patient statements to communicate transactional data as well as other essential information to help consolidate communications and drive patient engagement.
Apex delivers patient statements that are easy to understand, provide flexible payment options, and incorporate your branding and personalized messaging. We pay specific attention to composition to make sure that the most critical messages are sure to be seen in the first few seconds of viewing the statement. Patients choose their delivery method - electronically, delivered through the mail, or both.
Quality Print + Mail
Apex has two, fully-redundant state-of-the-art production facilities and more than 20 years of expertise printing and mailing high-quality, effective patient statements. We offer a range of composition, color and insert options to fit your unique design and budgetary needs; plus, real-time file and document tracking for full process transparency. What's more, our return mail guarantee ensures that any statement that is returned undeliverable is free of charge! 
Online Billing
Some patients prefer a paper document, while others prefer electronic. For those that prefer online – it is more than likely that they will prefer to communicate and make payments electronically as well. Apex maximizes the online billing experience for patients by offering comprehensive online billing tools that include a short satisfaction survey, allowing providers to better understand their patient’s billing needs and if they are meeting them. 
  • Electronic Statement Delivery
  • Online payments
  • Access to statement and payment history
  • Text message reminders
High Performing Patient Statements
Statements today need are more than a bill, they are an essential tool used to drive patient engagement and inspire action – whether its making a payment, online patient portal adoption, or other calls to action or promotional messaging. The more your statements work for you, the greater the return:
  • Improve patient satisfaction with clear and personalized communications
  • Reduced the average number of statement cycles to save costs
  • Reduce billing related calls
  • Improve results on key initiatives, including portal adoption for meaningful use
  • Use vital statement real-estate to communicate your most critical messages to drive action