Results Need to be Measured

Behavioral Insight + Analytics

Understand Your Patients

Apex Connect uses patient payment history, billing and cycle data, demographics, and propensity to align patients that share similar characteristics and/ or behavior patterns. Data within the Apex systems (billing data, payment history, patient surveys) is inherently leveraged in the behavioral database, as is third party demographic data. Your external propensity, credit, and behavioral data can be consumed to enhance the financial insight into your patients.
At any stage, Apex can apply behavioral data or propensity-to-pay scoring to enhance our understanding of your patient population in general, and as individuals. This allows us to apply understanding about likely payment behavior before we have specific history on a patient—and truly personalize their financial journey.

Continously Optimize Their Experience - and Your Results

We eliminate the guess-work. Apex Connect analytic dashboards clearly show where you are making progress, where goals are being met, and where adjustments are needed. Results, such as online payment performance, electronic delivery adoption, behavioral trends, financial results, and patient satisfaction are measured, reported and displayed.
These dashboards give your team visibility into performance against your business goals, and can be filtered on numerous variables, including location metrics, channel performance, and patient-specific profiles.