Apex Launches Point-to-Point Encryption & EMV Ready Payment Solutions

Apex Revenue Technologies

St. Paul, MN, July 6, 2015 — Apex Revenue Technologies today announced a new EMV-ready point-of-service payment solutions for healthcare providers in advance of the October 2015 fraud liability shift to be implemented by all major credit card brands. “EMV” refers to the microchip technology now embedded in many credit cards. Starting in October, all merchants who use non-EMV compliant devices to accept payment made with EMV compliant cards will assume liability for certain fraudulent behavior.

Apex’s new Point of Service Payment Solution is fully EMV-ready to help ensure the highest level of protection against liability and fraud for healthcare providers and patients.

“In anticipation of this upcoming shift in liability, Apex is offering integrated point-of-service payment devices that allow patients to securely use EMV chip payment cards within its myEasyView® portal,” said Brian Kueppers, founder and CEO of Apex Revenue Technology. “Using these devices and encryption services, providers will reduce the risk of credit card fraud, secure transaction data, store tokenized data for future use, and speed up transaction processing.”

In conjunction with the EMV Ready solution, Apex offers a Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution that significantly reduces healthcare providers’ scope for PCI requirements related to patient payments entered by customer service representatives over the phone. Specifically, This workstations are pulled from PCI compliance scope thanks to CSR payment screens within Apex’s myEasyView® solution that now provide the ability to use aPoint of Interaction device to key in financial data, eliminating the use of a keyboard.

These new services and devices are aspects of Apex’s technological leadership in promoting patient financial engagement for the purpose of improving revenue collection for healthcare providers while simultaneously improving patient experiences.

About Apex

Founded in 1995, Apex Revenue Technologies is a national provider of technology-based solutions and services that enable healthcare providers to improve revenue cycle results while also strengthening relationships with patients. Apex’s award-winning, cloud-based software promotes patient financial engagement, streamlines billing processes, and reduces the cost to collect from patients. Across its broad range of electronic, print and mail, and consulting services, Apex partners with healthcare providers on all aspects of the revenue cycle from statement design and presentment to payments. To learn more, visit www.apexrevtech.com.