Apex Launches Patient Satisfaction Survey

Apex Revenue Technologies

St. Paul, MN, April 26, 2016 — Apex Revenue Technologies today announced a new patient satisfaction survey that provides feedback to healthcare providers regarding the overall satisfaction with the patient billing process.

Patients are now responsible for a higher percentage of their balances than ever before and providers want to offer tailored billing communication and options to those in need of financial assistance, while also providing convenient options specific to those that are not. This not only maximizes payments collected but also improves the experience for all patients, which significantly boosts loyalty to their facility. Patient surveys provide the feedback providers need to deliver a tailored billing and payment solution that fits the needs of all their patients.

Apex customers now have the ability to turn on a quick survey that collects targeted data on each patient’s billing and payment experience. The survey is comprised of two voluntary questions that appear immediately after an online payment has been completed. Patients are able to voice their compliments or concerns in a short and easy-to-use format, and providers can easily access the survey results to gain an understanding of where they may need to make improvements. Patient feedback such as this is critical in giving providers a better view into the patient billing experience and providing insight into what levels of flexibility their patients are looking for.

Apex President, Patrick Maurer said, “Patient satisfaction is a reflection of patients' involvement in decision making and their role as partners in improving the quality of healthcare services. It is an important initiative of Apex to be able to deliver meaningful patient feedback to our customers and ultimately help them provide the best financial experience for their patients.”

Patient satisfaction surveys are an easy way for medical practices to gauge the needs of their patients and whether or not they are meeting them. Responses from patient satisfaction surveys, especially if patients describe a specific interaction, can offer snapshots into larger issues within a practice.  Satisfied patients help improve the bottom line by staying loyal to the practice and referring new patients.

This new service is a result of Apex’s technological leadership in helping healthcare providers apply a higher focus on patient-centered care for the purpose of improving the patient experience while simultaneously improving revenue collection.

About Apex
Founded in 1995, Apex Revenue Technologies is a national provider of technology-based solutions and services that enable healthcare providers to improve revenue cycle results while also strengthening relationships with patients. Apex’s award-winning, cloud-based software promotes patient financial engagement, streamlines billing processes, and reduces the cost to collect from patients. Across its broad range of electronic, print and mail, and consulting services, Apex partners with healthcare providers on all aspects of the revenue cycle from statement design and presentment to payments. To learn more, visit www.apexrevtech.com.