Apex Launches Consulting Services to Maximize Patient Revenue Cycle Performance for Healthcare Providers

Apex Revenue Technologies

St.Paul, MN, March 2, 2015 - Apex Revenue Technologies has launched a program of in-depth consulting services designed for healthcare providers seeking to maximize improvements to their revenue cycle.

The new program, called Apex Exceed, is structured to provide fiscally motivated healthcare organizations with the insights and support they need to achieve:

  • Bad debt reduction
  • Increases in cash
  • Increases in revenue
  • Increases in front-office collections
  • Cost reductions that extend to the full patient revenue cycle, including services and collection-yield costs

“Apex Exceed takes our high-touch service model to an even more comprehensive level,” said Brian Kueppers, Apex founder and CEO. “Each consulting engagement will be highly analytics-driven, with a focus on all the details of discovery, analysis, opportunity identification, and product and process modifications to impact financial results over time. The program is designed to help providers meet the pressing financial challenges that are created as patient financial responsibility grows throughout the industry.”

Working closely with client teams, the Apex Revenue Cycle Consulting Team will begin with a financial and demographic assessment. The next phase is developing and implementing a plan of execution with key focus areas for revenue and cost improvements. Results are then analyzed and the approach adjusted monthly based on measured results.

“While we’ve been consulting with our clients for years,” said Patrick Maurer, Apex president, “this new program formalizes and expands the process so healthcare providers can fully benefit from the entire range of the expertise we have developed working with thousands of providers serving millions of patients. Apex Exceed is designed to help providers fit the payment to the patient, improve patient experiences, and increase flexibility in payment processes and methods. The final result is a better bottom line for providers and more satisfied, loyal patients.”

For more information about Apex Exceed and other services, visit www.apexrevtech.com or call 866-676-2739 FREE.

About Apex Revenue Technologies

Founded in 1995, Apex Revenue Technologies is a national provider of technology-based solutions and services that enable healthcare providers to improve revenue cycle results while also strengthening relationships with patients. Apex’s award-winning, cloud-based software promotes patient financial engagement, streamlines billing processes, and reduces the cost to collect from patients. Across its broad range of electronic, print and mail, and consulting services, Apex partners with healthcare providers on all aspects of the revenue cycle from statement design and presentment to payments. To learn more, visit www.apexrevtech.com.