Optimizing Online Portals with No-Login Options

Apex Revenue Technologies

According to Microsoft, the average internet user has 25 online accounts that require passwords and types an average of eight passwords per day. Because many patients visit healthcare providers relatively few times during a year (38% visiting only once or not at all in a given year, according to the Centers for Disease Control), many patients may be hesitant to create “yet another” online account.

To address this problem, and still encourage online bill payment adoption, Apex suggests a no-login payment portal option. While no-login pay statements do not include medical or payment histories, they do enable patients to quickly and easily make secure payments. Further innovations offer additional solutions, such as pre-filled patient data fields when he or she enters a unique identification code printed on the statement.

No-login payment portals improve patient experiences, quicken the processing of payment via online portals, and have fewer typographical errors. Additionally, they lessen the burden on customer support, who might otherwise have to help infrequent users reset forgotten passwords.