Measuring Satisfaction throughout the Patient Journey… Don’t Forget About the Financial Experience!

Apex Revenue Technologies

Healthcare providers across the country are implementing large initiatives that put a higher focus on the voice of the patient.  Measuring patient satisfaction (link to patient survey) is an effective way to improve the patient experience.

Patients today have many options for healthcare, and unfortunately one poor experience at your facility could send them straight to the local competitor for their next visit. Many providers have realized the importance of patient satisfaction and offer patient satisfaction surveys such as the HCAHPS Hospital Survey to help identify areas that need improvement.

Providers need to provide a positive patient experience all the way through to billing and payment.
The patient billing process is too often an oversight in patient satisfaction surveys. However, it is important to recognize that the patient billing process is critical in the patient’s overall experience with your facility and can substantially impact your patient’s satisfaction and loyalty.

We’ve outlined three key factors to consider when implementing an online patient billing survey, so you can ensure you’re getting the feedback you need to provide a the best possible billing and payment experience for your patients.

Keep it brief

Let’s be honest, most patients don’t particularly enjoy paying their medical bills. This means it is absolutely critical that you offer a quick and extremely user-friendly survey. Limit the number of questions in your survey so that it only takes a minute or two to complete; this will help prevent abandoned responses too! Also, be sure to leave an optional area for comments for more qualitative data to review.

Make it accessible

The most strategic and natural place to promote an online patient billing survey is immediately after a payment has been made online. Not only is the patient already online, it confirms that the patient has gone through the entire billing process. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure sure you reach patients that don’t pay online – or simply didn’t have the desire to complete the survey when they made an online payment.

Make it actionable

Tracking results may seem obvious, but what we really want to emphasize here is that your survey be structured in a way that allows you to take action. It is important that the survey is detailed enough so that the results provide you with the information you need to understand what aspects of the billing process need improvement.

Simply asking a patient whether or not their experience was positive won’t provide you with enough detail on which aspects of the billing process were positive and which were not. More specific insights will allow you to quickly make improvements in the areas that need it.

The HCAHPS Hospital Survey does not measure the patient billing experience. We recommend supplementing this survey or similar surveys with one that is specific to patient billing. If you are interested in learning more about the HCAHPS Hospital Survey and what it measures – visit If you currently aren’t measuring the success of your patient billing experience click here (link to contact us page) to learn more about Apex’s complete patient billing and online payment solutions.