LetterLogic is Now Apex Revenue Technologies!

Apex Revenue Technologies

As a rule, we generally don’t focus our blog content on “Apex”. We strive to use the platform to inspire our clients and other revenue cycle leaders with ideas and insights that can help them make a real impact on patient experience and financial results.

We made an exception in September of 2016, when we proudly joined forces with Nashville-based LetterLogic. And we make an exception today, as we share that LetterLogic is fully integrated as Apex Revenue Technologies

We’ve made amazing progress in just over a year – bringing the best of two already great organizations together. What we’ve sustained in the new company is a culture that truly cares about people – our employees, our partners, our customers, and our customers’ customers.

When we announced the merger to the market in 2016, we promised it would help solve a couple of big people-rated challenges that exist in the market today:

  • A lack of focus by vendors on putting the needs of their customers first
  • An understanding of healthcare patients as individuals reflected in their financial experience

Providers across the country are struggling to provide positive financial experiences for their patients – they need more than a quick fix – they need communication experts that truly care.

The people of Apex focus each day on Creating Remarkable Experiences and Inspiring Patients. We do this through a commitment to understanding the needs, goals and preferences of the people who interact with us - and our solutions. Our unique approach prioritizes client success above all.

We have been asked by many how we’ve been so successful bringing the best of both companies together. The answer is very simple, people.

In an industry with so much at stake, shouldn’t that be what it’s all about?