Improve Patient Relationships with Patient-focused Messaging on Billing Statements

Apex Revenue Technologies

Billing statements can do more than improve revenue cycle metrics—that is, those, that follow best practices to ensure clear communication and help improve collections for providers— improve patient relationships. Because the healthcare industry is often difficult to navigate, with confusing insurance splits, coding, and services from multiple providers, patients are likely to associate clear statements with high-quality service.

Furthermore—and important from a marketing perspective—patients come to associate your brand characteristics—logo, type, colors, words—with their experiences at your facility. Apex recommends that providers present their logo and brand colors on the statement, including the tear-off stub, the same way they do in-office and across all other materials. These and other specific steps help make the billing process more personal, and better identified to patients’ experience in a particular provider’s facility. These practices help build relationships in addition to improving collections.