Improve the Patient Experience through Statement Design and Messaging

Apex Revenue Technologies

Using state-of-the-art heat map technology, providers can organize important information in an order that makes sense to the patient and improves his or her experience. This actionable information layout transforms standard medical bills into a dynamic, easy to read statements that include relevant and targeted messages based on payment history and demographics.

A prominent logo allows patients to quickly identify the sender when it is shown through both the envelope window and when the bill is opened and read. Patients come to associate brand characteristics with their experiences with the facility. Patients receive bills every day, so differentiation versus competitors through the use of logos, type, colors and messaging will leave a lasting impression that, when positive, will prompt patients to pay. It is an important part of the relationship building processes.

Furthermore, messaging establishes the healthcare provider’s voice and provides valuable information meant to make the payment process easier and faster for patients. Some important best practices include:

  • Featuring business office phone numbers and operating hours for billing questions underneath the company logo;
  • Highlighting patient account numbers to make it easy to make inquiries with the business office;
  • Clearly labeling the type of statement (i.e. Hospital Statement) and age of balance (i.e. “Second Notice”); and
  • Simplifying and minimizing charge information in detailed service descriptions with the use of fewer columns and consistent fonts.

To improve client experience, it is important to stop sending the same generic statement again and again. Instead each statement should tailored to provide valuable information and targeted messages depending on the billing cycle and patient history.