The Future Patient Financial Experience

Apex Revenue Technologies

The HIMSS Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force works to clarify the expanding role of patient access during patient-provider financial transactions. In its recently produced infographic, the task force illustrates its vision for future patients financial experiences: “focused on tools and processes that keep administrative cost containment, interoperability and consumer engagement front and center, regardless of the reimbursement methodology being applied.”

The graphic was produced in response to increasing financial investment in healthcare choices by patients. As patient involvement increases, the task force expects increasing demand for greater predictability and flexibility in their healthcare financial experience, making existing processes and hardware insufficient.

In response to these healthcare industry changes, the task force foresees a Health Data Intelligence Hub (Hub) that “allows for the real-time electronic exchange of an individual’s personal health information, health insurance benefits, and financial information, as well as decision support information...that may be accessed as appropriate by all stakeholders involved in a healthcare encounter, including the patient or their representative.”

As providers integrate systems and take steps that may ultimately result in a Hub of the kind the task force envisions, Apex reminds users to make online portals user friendly, with tailored messaging, single sign-on technology (SSO) and easy-to-navigate interfaces. This attention to detail encourages patients to access and interact with their electronic health records (EHR) and potentially qualifying them for meaningful use incentive pay.