Do You Have the Insight You Need to Improve Self-Pay Performance?

Apex Revenue Technologies

When it comes to revenue cycle performance, it’s likely you are measuring specific metrics against industry benchmarks to understand your areas of strength, and opportunities for improvement. HFMA MAP and HBI’s Benchmark programs provide insight into standards of excellence against peer organizations, and a sense of what’s possible.

Most benchmark statistics, however, focus on broader revenue cycle performance. There’s no shortage of discussion about the growth in patient responsibility, collectability challenges, and cost. But there is a shortage of insight as to where your organization might stand against average and top performers. That makes it challenging to where gaps might exist to help you prioritize initiatives.

Would you like to know how you stack up against your high performing peers in these 5 key areas?

  • Pre-Service Collection
  • Speed to Payment
  • Self-Service Adoption
  • Bad Debt Expense
  • Patient Financial Experience + Satisfaction

Our quick survey combines Self-Pay After Insurance (SPAI) benchmark data measures that we find with high-performing organizations.

Click Here for Self-Pay After Insurance Benchmark Metrics

We hope it helps you gain insight into how your operation performs against some of the best we’ve encountered.