Did you know Apex Offers Document Management and Delivery for a Wide Range of Content Types?

Apex Revenue Technologies

At Apex we are proud to be a healthcare industry leader handling millions of patient billing statements. Did you know we also handle a wide variety of other types of documents in addition to invoices? We work with clients to streamline their business processes relating to everything from appointment reminder cards to insurance policy information. Just as in the billing process, these other types of recurring mailings require accuracy, privacy, customization, and professionalism to support our clients’ efforts to build strong relationships with their own customers and increase financial engagement.

In addition to providing document management solutions for the healthcare industry, we also partner with businesses in other sectors who also need the kind of high-quality, high-privacy document solutions needed in healthcare. For example, we recently initiated work with an insurance company that sought out our expertise to help streamline its businesses processes relating to sending policy collateral to agents and end-customers. We are especially proud that the CEO of that company specifically commented that working with Apex “really felt like a partnership.” That comment reflects the customer focus we seek to bring to each of our clients, whether in the healthcare industry or elsewhere.