Apex Revenue Technologies and LetterLogic have a people-first approach; something that is lacking in the industry.

Apex Revenue Technologies

Apex Revenue Technologies (Apex) prides itself on maintaining strong customer relationships. We take this a step further by not only placing a high emphasis on our customers, but also on our customers' customers – healthcare patients.  Our solutions and services are designed to not only improve the healthcare revenue cycle, but to improve the overall patient financial experience.

LetterLogic shares Apex’s “people first” philosophy, making our recent partnership a perfect fit. Both companies put the well-being and satisfaction of both our employees and our customers above all. The “people first” approach that Apex and LetterLogic share is seriously lacking within the patient financial communications and payment industry as a whole. The majority of the other players in the market fall into three main categories:

Clear, concise, correct
Focuses primarily on improving the design of patient statements so they are easier to understand

Make it simple and they will come
A technology-first approach that focuses on offering a generic online payment tool that is easy to use

Broad, “all-encompassing” technology platforms
Provides a wide range of revenue cycle services, including patient statements and online payment tools at a discounted “bundle”, but lack the cohesion, quality and service-mindedness of their smaller competitors

What’s missing in the market is an understanding of and empathy for healthcare patients as individuals. Not all patients are the same, in fact, the only guaranteed similarity among patients with a balance due is the fact that they have had some sort of medical occurrence that still needs to be paid. Providers across the country are struggling to provide positive financial experiences for their patients – they need more than a quick fix – they need communication experts that truly care!

LetterLogic’s secret sauce is their culture. Every day they work to prove that empowered, happy employees ensure happy customers. They truly care. They are a first-class business with a heart with a focus on being the best – which starts with the folks that walk through their doors every day. LetterLogic is much more than just a letter shop, their solutions offer multiple, pivotal interactions that enhance patient satisfaction, cement patient loyalty, and drive quicker access to cash for hospitals and the companies that serve them. 

What makes Apex unique is our combined drive to provide exceptional service to our customer and our deep understanding of and empathy for their patients. This understanding drives our ability to Fit the Payment to the Patient™ and makes Apex true experts in patient financial communications. Our personalized financial messaging – triggered from actual patient insights, behaviors and preferences – not only improves the overall care experience for patients, but revenue results for our customers. It’s a win win.

Together, Apex and LetterLogic are positioned to make an even bigger impact on patient financial engagement success for providers across the country.  Our broader geographical reach, and the combined strength of our communication and payment offering will help us eliminate the widespread complacency in outdated, non-personalized and non-empathetic patient financial communications. But more importantly, our unified approach will preserve the value and customer experience that both Apex and LetterLogic have established and that has served our customers and our customer’s customers well. It’s a winning combination for providers and patients.