Apex – 2015 Goals and Pursuits

Apex Revenue Technologies

As we enter the New Year, Apex remains focused on a simple goal with a grand pursuit: use our messaging expertise and industry-leading payment platform to develop patient engagement strategies that will help our customers collect more, collect quicker, and reduce the cost to collect.

Apex is committed to developing new and creative solutions to industry challenges as more Americans secure insurance on the new exchanges and the healthcare industry continues to evolve. Already, healthcare facilities are challenged with collecting from more individuals with high deductible plans. These self-pay programs increase pressure on health organizations to collect from thousands of individuals, rather than just dozens of insurance payers.

To remedy these growing problems, Apex is proactively developing new solutions, with communications strategies that fit the patient. Apex applies a high-touch approach that meets patients where they are, delivering the right message at the right place at the right time. By allowing patients to pay their way, Apex technology users demonstrate their commitment to the patient, improve satisfaction, and increase loyalty.